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Phillip Paul Bryant, former Talk Show Host and Community Organizer, is the 3rd Child of Bishop Prince Bryant Sr. and Yolanda Bryant. Phillip was raised in the church and spent the majority of his childhood, working for ministries within his father's organization to strengthen and help local communities. At the age of 12, Phillip was enrolled into San Jacinto Christian School, where additional biblical values and principles were formed.

While attending the Christian School, Phillip excelled in basketball, flag football and graduated with academic honors in 1998. As one of only four black students at the school, Bryant became conscious of racism and what it meant to be African-American. He later described how he "blessed the day" that he had an opportunity to better social misperceptions of his racial heritage with friends and schoolmates. "I realized that I had been placed in a position whereas I was able to shaped mindsets about how a young black man, however different, shared wholesome traits and like moral values."

Bryant's diverse background offers a unique perspective as no other will. From being raised in a single-parent home, to being in an employment line; Phillip has dedicated his experiences, education and life to the betterment of the communities. His feel-good testimony from starting out as a cashier for Jack-in-the-Box in the late 90's to a Senior Vice President of a Major Trading Firm less than 10 years later, speaks to not only the nurture of his community; but the nature of his family. Now Phillip has pledged the remainder of his resources to maintaining family values and minimizing communities' issues.

Environmentalist, Philanthropist, Community Organizer and Businessman; Phillip Paul Bryant currently serves as Chairman of Political Action- Texas South Central Jurisdiction; President- Churcho Corporation(Largest Online Christian Network); President -Community First; Business Development Coordinator- Island of Hope Church. He serves as a member of dozens of other non-profit organizations and groups.

Now Phillip has used his education and years of experience in working, in the community; to outline the history, role and purpose of a community. His motto is "help someone else, because someone else has it worse than you." Phillip earned a Bachelor of Science in Management from the University of Phoenix.

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