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This Agency feels that Trained Employees are essential to the successful service to our custommers.

Good Home Community Living has a zero-reject policy. There is no age limit and we have a contract to serve the entire State of Texas. We work with pysically involved consumers, consumers with behavioral challeges and medically fragile consumers. We currently have Psycologist's, an contracts with the to provide services to all of our consumers statewide. We have all other appropriate contract services in various areas of the State provided locally. We utilize a variety of schools, day programs, DAHS programs, andf work site for our cosumers. Our consumers live in houses, apartments, and family homes. Some consumers require and receive twenty four hour one-on-one services, and others do not. WE believe in the concept of normalizationm and have made it work for our consumers.

Good Home Community Living Recreational Activities Includes:

We offer other scheduled communtiy events.


Thank you for an opportunity to serve your family member and provide quality services.

Gail Cunningham, Program Director