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Service Options

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Persons enrolled in Good Home Community Living’s HCS program, may receive the following services, based on individual needs and eligibility:


Residential Assignment Residential Assistance Type
Own/Family Home Supported Home Living: provided to individuals residing in their own residence or the residence of their natural or adoptive family; or to individuals receiving foster care services from the Teas Department of Protective and Regulatory Services.
HCS Foster/Companion Care Home HCS Foster/Companion Care: provided to consumers living in the home of a foster care provider or with a companion care provider. Consumers receiving Foster Care Services are not eligible for Respite Services.
Residential Support
Shift Staffed Residence

Supervised Living
Residential Support: provided to consumers living in a setting in which services are provided by employees assigned on a scheduled shift basis.

Supervised Living: is provided in a residence in which the HCS program provider holds a property interest. Supervised Living is provided by residential assistance providers who provide services and supports as needed by individuals and who are present in the residence during normal sleeping hours.

Residential assistance includes the following:

Day habilitation includes:

Supported Employment:  includes training and supervision provided to consumers with a documented/identified need and desire for employment and who are employed in an integrated work setting outside of the consumer’s residence.


Nursing Services:  includes the performance of health care procedures and monitoring an individual’s health condition by Registered Nurses or Licensed Vocational Nurses.

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