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Welcome to Good Home Community Living Online...

To provide quality care based on an understanding of the needs of our consumers and the mechanisms for meeting those needs.

We accept, believe, and act in concert with the concepts of individual Rights and Freedoms. A disability does not negate an individual's right to the highest level of quality of life.




A House that helps you to enjoy living. A home that continues to keep on giving.


It’s a pleasure to welcome you and / or your family member as a new consumer to Good Home Community Living, Inc. HCS Program. We hope that you will find being enrolled with Good Home Community Living, Inc. interesting, challenging and rewarding. Always feel free to ask questions when in doubt. Your HCS Case Manager or Program Director will be able to assist you and answer any questions you may have. We strive to maintain a reputation for high quality and good services. This reputation is based on the fact that our staff cares about all of our consumers and we’re aware of their special needs. All staff working for Good Home Community Living, Inc. has learned what it means to work together for common goals and gain satisfaction from our work. This brochure has been prepared to introduce you and / or your family member to our agency. Good Home Community Living, Inc., strives to provide quality services to our consumers, families and staff. If you have any questions or complaints about our services, staff or facilities, we want to know about it as soon as possible, so we may address the issue.

Good Home Community Living, Inc. provides HCS services in Austin, Houston, Dallas, Double Oak, Corinth, Ft. Worth, Lancaster, Lewisville, Beaumont, Vidor, Orange, Justin, Long View, Arlington, Denton and San Antonio Texas. We’re expanding in other area as well.

The consumers attend Adult Day Programs, Employment Programs, Vocational Training Programs and Educational Programs Monday – Friday from 8am –3pm. On the weekends the consumers attend community activities. Monday – Friday evenings they work on independent living skills.

All consumers have their own room. We put three consumers in each house. The consumers go on vacation every summer. Activities are planned for holidays for consumers who do not go visit their families. Consumers split the cost of all living expenses. Good Home Community Living, Inc. can be the SSI Payee for consumers or the LAR, a family member or the consumer can be his or her own SSI Payee. We encourage family contact, you can visit your family member at any time if they live in residential support or foster care. If your family member lives at your home the case manager will make a face to face visit monthly. We have doctors in the area and we contract with therapist for daily living needs.

Staff assist consumers with all daily living needs ( cooking, bathing, grooming, shopping, cleaning, appointments, medication, medical needs, individual program plans, transportation, laundry, eating, dressing, personal hygiene, assistance with ambulation and mobility, reinforcement of counseling and therapy activities, supervision of individuals' safety and security, facilitating inclusion in community activities, use of natural supports, social interaction, participation in leisure activities, and development of socially valued behaviors, lifting & transferring).

The case manager coordinates all services in the community and over sees the health, safety, welfare and rights of all enrolled individuals. We encourage and assist family members in obtaining guardianship for their love ones.



Thank you for an opportunity to serve your family member and provide quality services.

Gail Cunningham, Program Director

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