Brian Cweren Is The Right Choice For Houston District C

For Our Neighborhoods

  • Well maintained streets and and sidewalks to ensure safety and mobility
  • Clean and well maintained parks for our neighborhoods
  • A strong library system to promote education and recreation
  • Build a stronger relationship between City Hall and HOAs and community associations to quickly address the needs of Southwest Houston homeowners
  • Working with apartment communities to ensure safety, beautification and a low crime environment

Fiscal Responsibility

  • Brian pledges to never vote for a tax increase
  • Keeping fees reasonable without trying to balance the budget on the back of small business owners and home owners
  • Eliminate wasteful spending at City Hall
  • Brian realizes Houston has limited resources – Brian will utilize what the city has to provide more efficient delivery of services

Public Safety

  • Place more police officers on the street by moving officers out from behind the desk
  • Build a new Southwest Houston fire station to lower response times and bring down home owner's insurance premiums
  • Lower EMS waiting times through better utilization of resources
  • Better training for police and fire
  • The only candidate with a strong background in police and fire

Reducing Flooding

  • Ensure our flooding dollars are spent effectively without bureaucratic waste
  • Identify areas in greatest need for infrastructure repair and make sure these projects are placed at the top of the list
  • Build a stronger relationship with the county and federal governments to work on bayou and flooding management projects
Brian is committed to building a stronger relationship between City Hall and Southwest Houston residents. This means being honest about the ability of the City to provide services and undertake new projects, making sure fees and taxes aren't achieved through the back door and listening to constituent ideas.
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