Brian Cweren Is The Right Choice For Houston District C

Elected Officials

  • Hon. Paul Bettencourt Former Harris County Tax Assessor-Collector
  • Hon. Jack Cagle Precinct 4 Commissioner
  • Hon. Angel Fraga
  • Hon. Mark Goldberg Former District C City Councilmember
  • Hon. Cruz Hinojosa Former Trustee – Galena Park ISD
  • Hon. Toni Lawrence Former District A Councilmember
  • Hon. Bonnie R. Lugo SREC Committeewoman
  • Hon. Johnny Mata
  • Hon. Pam Matranga Constable
  • Hon. Greg Meyers HISD Trustee, former HISD President
  • Hon. Manuel Rodríguez Jr. District III, First Vice President
  • Hon. Roy Morales Harris County Department of Education
  • Hon. Gary Polland Former Harris County Republican Chairman and Host of PBS's Red White and Blue program
  • Hon. Orlando Sanchez Harris County Treasurer
  • Hon. George Strake Former Texas Secretary of State, former Republican Party Chairman
  • Hon. Martha Wong Former District C Councilmember, former State Representative, House District 134
  • Hon. Mills Worsham HCC Trustee

Organizations That Endorse Brian Cweren

Houston Building Owners and Managers Association

Harris County Afro American Sheriff’s Deputy League

Houston Police Organization of Spanish Speaking Officers


C-Club of Houston

Texas Conservative Review

Harris County Republican Party Officers

  • Cathy O’Briant Secretary
  • Josh Flynn Treasurer

SD Chairs

  • Hon. Larry Bowles Chairman, Senate District 6
  • Hon. Stanley Briers Senate District Chair
  • Hon. Larry Bush Senate District Chair, SD-7
  • Hon. Mona Lisa Chambers Senate District Chair, SD-13
  • Hon. Marvin Clede Senate District Chair SD-17
  • Hon. Alice Rekeweg Senate District Chair SD-4

Precinct Chairs

  • Carol R. Baker Precinct Chair
  • Bill Kneer Precinct Chair
  • Ray Reiner Precinct Chair
  • Eric Weinmann Precinct Chair
  • Matthew Conner Precinct Chair
  • Nelda Eppes Precinct Chair
  • Annie Goedicke Precinct Chair
  • Kandy Heimer Precinct Chair
  • Stephen Howell Precinct Chair
  • Stuart Mayper Precinct Chair
  • Judith Jones Precinct Chair
  • Katherine A. Krehbiel Precinct Chair
  • Ann Lee Precinct Chair
  • Arthur Lim Precinct Chair
  • Bob Marshall Precinct Chair
  • Ron Meinke Precinct Chair
  • Kieth Nielsen Precinct Chair
  • Darrell NelmsPrecinct Chair
  • Larry Newell Precinct Chair
  • Rhonda Omberg Precinct Chair
  • Mitch Page Precinct Chair
  • Patricia Phillips Precinct Chair
  • Bill Pierson Precinct Chair
  • Gerold Reimondo Precinct Chair
  • Raul Salas Precinct Chair
  • David Skipper Precinct Chair
  • Marty Thompson Precinct Chair
  • Diane Williams Precinct Chair
  • Garth Wittington Precinct Chair


  • Martha and Morris Barnard
  • Zuhrie Bennett
  • Jennifer Blum
  • Jordan Blum
  • Jonathan Blum
  • Michelle Blum
  • Allen and Robin Caldwell
  • Bill Calhoun
  • Dr. Dorothy Caram Board Member, Harris County Hospital District Foundation
  • Carla Carlson-Wallace
  • Richard Crow
  • Vergel Cruz/span>
  • Marie Cweren
  • Al Davis
  • Ruth Davis
  • Sanford Dow
  • Randy Duncan
  • Jerome Feldman
  • Philip Feldman
  • Juan Flores LULAC Council President
  • Josh Flynn SREC 15
  • Herlinda Garcia
  • Captain Alan Helfman Campaign Treasurer
  • Marc Hill
  • Torry and Virginia Hill
  • Karen Hooper
  • Mike Jax
  • Mark Knop
  • Dick LaMound
  • Angelique Leal
  • Bob Lee
  • Marshall Levit
  • Felicia Lewin
  • Christine Levin
  • David Leva
  • Benjamin Miller
  • Kevin Miller
  • Thomas Mims
  • Grace Nawli
  • Kathleen O'Conner
  • Daniel Pickelner
  • Bob Pisaturo
  • Sam Platt
  • Susan Platt
  • Mary Ramos
  • Ken and Kathy Rembert
  • Christine Reule
  • Michelle Rhone
  • Joe Roche
  • Claudette Rogers
  • Russell R. Rush
  • Bob Ryan
  • Jason Ryan
  • Mary Sergesketter
  • Thea Singer
  • Berta Urteaga National Vice President LULAC
  • Tina Vasey
  • Alex Wathen
  • John Weinberg
  • David Weiser
  • Sharon Wilkens
  • Mike Willams
  • Lou Zindler

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