Brian Cweren Is The Right Choice For Houston District C

Brian is dedicated to bringing better services and lending a dedicated voice for our District C neighborhoods. Brian has strong ties to the District C community and has undertaken many volunteer leadership positions in organizations that matter to District C. As a small business owner, Brian understands the challenges facing Houston businesses and wants to make our city a better place to conduct commerce and create jobs. As a District C homeowner, Brian feels the city's financial pinch and need for more efficient city services. As the fiscally responsible candidate, Brian will work to eliminate the city's budget gap without raising taxes. As the most responsive candidate in the race, Brian will listen to and act upon constituent needs quickly and effectively.

Brian is the only candidate in this race running with one purpose: to better the quality of life for District C homeowners, residents and business owners. As a past member of the City of Houston Ethics Committee, Brian will work for effective and responsive municipal government.

“Growing up in District C, I learned the value of hard work, integrity and helping others. I understand the virtues of responsibility and working long hours to get the job done right. As the fiscally responsible candidate, I will make sure Houston delivers services effectively using the resources we have – without frivolous spending.” - Brian Cweren

Brian Cweren will work to prevent our neighborhoods from being chronic victims of flooding by making sure our Rebuild Houston dollars are spent wisely as intended by the voters and targeting the areas in highest need of infrastructure attention first.

Brian pledges to never vote for or propose an increase in taxes. Houston homeowners and businesses deserve a low-tax environment to ensure stability, fairness and affordability to our city.

District C is in need of more police on the streets, a new fire station to help lower response times and lower homeowner's insurance premiums and better coordinated EMS services – public safety will always be a top priority. Brian's experience as Chair of the Houston Police Department’s Citizen Review Committee and Representative of the HPD Citizens' Police Advisory Committee, allow him the insight to bring meaningful new ideas to our first responder institutions.

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